Volume 17, No.2 2019: Link to this issue


A Ring-Type Digital Spiking Neural Network and Spike-Train Approximation [Link]

Hiroaki Uchida and Toshimichi Saito ...... 1

Spatial Structure of Receptive Fields and Surrounds in Response to Local Figure-GroundConfiguration in Monkey V4 [Link]

Kouji Kimura, Yukako Yamane, Hiroshi Tamura and Ko Sakai ...... 7

Modelling Speaker-dependent Auditory Attention Using A Spiking Neural Network with TemporalCoding and Supervised Learning [Link]

Yating Huang, Jiaming Xu and Bo Xu ...... 14

Simulation of multi-peak discharge Pattern Pattern Based on Improved Deterministic ChayModel [Link]

Zhongting Jiang, Dong Wang, Huijie Shang and Yuehui Chen ...... 26


Echo State Networks Composed of Units with Time-Varying Nonlinearity [Link]

Gouhei Tanaka, Ryosho Nakane and Akira Hirose ...... 34

Multilayer LSTM with Global Access Gate for Predicting Students Performance Using OnlineBehaviors [Link]

ShaoJie Qu, Kan Li, Bo Wu, Kai Tang and Weimin Liu ...... 40

A Hybrid Time Series Model based on Dilated Conv1D and LSTM with Applications to PM2.5Forecasting [Link]

Liqing Zhao, Bo Cheng and Junliang Chen ...... 49

Dissect Sliced-RNN in Multi-Attention view [Link]

Zeping Yu, Linqing Shi and Gongshen Liu ...... 61

Discovering Sequences in Systems Logs by Neural Networks [Link]

Jakub Nowak, Marcin Korytkowski, Marcin Wozniak and Rafal Scherer ...... 69

Volume 17, No.1 2019: Link to this issue


Multi-Lingual Attention based Multi-Intent Detection in Dialogue System [Link]

Mauajama Firdaus, Ankit Kumar, Asif Ekbal and Pushpak Bhattacharyya ...... 1

Linking Formal and Informal Structures based on Members’ E-mail Communication Patterns [Link]

Katalin Tünde Jánosi-Rancz, Zoltán Kátai and David Iclanzan ...... 9

Extensive Pyramid Networks for Text Classification [Link]

Linqing Shi, Zeping Yu and Gongshen Liu ...... 17

Static-Dynamically Attentive Variational Network for Dialogue Generation [Link]

Jinxin Chang, Ruifang He, Longbiao Wang, Ruifang Wang, Xiangyu Zhao and Ting Yang ...... 24

Improved Knowledge Base Question Answering System Using Re-ranking Approach [Link]

Anil Kumar Donthagani and V Susheela Devi ...... 32

A Match-Transformer Framework for Modeling Diverse Relevance Patterns in Ad-hoc Retrieval [Link]

Yongyu Jiang, Peng Zhang, Hui Gao, Xindian Ma, Donghao Zhao, Zeting Hu, Junyan Wang and Meixian Song ...... 39

A Neural Abstractive Summarization Model Guided with Topic Sentences [Link]

Kai Chen, Baotian Hu, Qingcai Chen and Hong Yu ...... 48

A Three-Stage Training Method for Abstractive Summarization [Link]

Linqing Shi, Danyang Liu and Gongshen Liu ...... 54


Scientific Document Clustering using Granular Self-organizing Map [Link]

Naveen Saini, Rahul Grover, Sriparna Saha and Pushpak Bhattacharyya ...... 62

Unsupervised Learning Optical Flow by Robust Reconstruction and Edge-Aware Smoothing [Link]

Lingtong Kong and Jie Yang ...... 71

t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding Spectral Clustering using higher orderapproximations [Link]

Nicoleta Rogovschi, Sarah Zouinina, Basarab Matei, Issam Falih, Nistor Grozavu and SeiichiOzawa ...... 78

Volume 16, No.4 2019: Link to this issue


Masquerade Attacks Against Security Software Exclusion Lists [Link]

Timothy McIntosh, Julian Jang-Jaccard, Paul Watters and Teo Susnjak ...... 1


Unlabeled Data Driven Channel-Wise Bit-Width Allocation and Quantization Refinement [Link]

Yong Yuan, Chen Chen, Xiyuan Hu and Silong Peng ...... 9

Training Stage Optimisation for Neural Network Operating in the Resource ConstrainedEnvironment [Link]

Mansoor Ali Halari and Jo Plested ...... 17

Deepness Analysis of Learned Factors in Multilayer NMF [Link]

Ibtissam Brahmi, Guénaël Cabanes, Younès Bennani and Abdelfettah Touzani ...... 24

A Neural Network Model of Incubation through Mind Wandering [Link]

Kasumi Nishi, Osamu Araki and Tomokazu Urakawa ...... 32

Exploring the Generalization Performance of Neural Networks via Diversity [Link]

Tianyuan Niu, Yuexian Hou, Junwei Zhang and Pengqing Zhang ...... 42

Physical reservoir computing: Possibility to resolve the inconsistency between neuro-AIprinciples and its hardware [Link]

Akira Hirose, Seiji Takeda, Toshiyuki Yamane, Hidetoshi Numata, Naoki Kanazawa, JeanBenoit Heroux, Daiju Nakano, Ryosho Nakane and Gouhei Tanaka ...... 49

Optimized Functional Link Artificial Neural Network for Multi-label Classification [Link]

Anwesha Law, Balasubramanyam Evani and Ashish Ghosh ...... 56


SEDE: Semantic Evolution-based Dynamic Knowledge Graph Embedding [Link]

Yujing Zhou, Jia Peng, Lei Wang, Daren Zha and Nan Mu ...... 64

A Swarm based Optimization of the XGBoost Parameters [Link]

Ali Haidar, Brijesh Verma and Rim Haidar ...... 74

Effiecient Graph Matching by Adjacency Matrix Based Model and Gaussian Smoothing BasedOptimization [Link]

Xu Yang, Jing Yang, Yin-Lin Li, Zhang-Bin Zhou and Zhi-Yong Liu ...... 82

Volume 16, No.3 2019: Link to this issue


A novel data pre-processing technique robust to units and scales of measurement [Link]

Arbind Agrahari Baniya, Sunil Aryal and Santosh KC ...... 1

Detecting Advertising Materials via Multi-Scale Instance Segmentation Network [Link]

Ben Xu, Chun Yang, Hongfa Wang, Xiaobin Zhu and Xu-Cheng Yin ...... 9

Robust Object Tracking via Hierarchical Estimation in SiamFC Network [Link]

Yueyang Gu, Yu Qiao, Kuan Xu, Jie Yang, Jiaxuan Xie, Lu Wang and Mingna Liu ...... 17

Preserving Utility during Attribute-oriented Data Anonymization Process [Link]

Sarah Zouinina, Younès Bennani, Maha Ben-Fares, Nicoleta Rogovschi and Abdelouahid Lyhyaoui ...... 25

ConvDroid: Lightweight Neural Network based Andoird Malware Detection [Link]

Sifan Wu and Xi Xiao ...... 36

Adding Gaussian Noise to DeepFool for Robustness based on Perturbation Directionality [Link]

Tianying Xie and Yantao Li ...... 44

Sparse Indefinite Kernel Learning on Sphere [Link]

Jiaxuan Xie, Fanghui Liu, Xiaolin Huang and Jie Yang ...... 54

Fast Encoding length-based prototype selection algorithms [Link]

Norbert Jankowski and Marek Orliński ...... 61

Improving Script Identification by Integrating Text Recognition Information [Link]

Yupeng Cao, Jing Li, Qiufeng Wang, Kaizhu Huang and Rui Zhang ...... 67

Volume 16, No.2 2019: Link to this issue


LEARN: Enhanced Network Embedding via Similarity Learning [Link]

Ahmed Fathy and Kan Li ...... 1

SeqDLF: Deep Local Feature-Based Image Sequence Representation for Visual Loop ClosureDetection [Link]

Suogui Dang, Jiru Wang, Rui Yan and Huajin Tang ...... 9

SAFont: Automatic Font Synthesis using Self-Attention Mechanisms [Link]

Chunying Ren, Shujing Lyu, Hongjian Zhan and Yue Lu ...... 19

A Feedback Attention Network for Classification and Visualization of Thyroid Nodules onUltrasound Images [Link]

Jianrong Wang, Ruixuan Zhang, Xi Wei, Li Xuewei, Mei Yu, Jian Yu, Jialin Zhu, Jie Gao, Hongqian Shen, Zhiqiang Liu and Ruiguo Yu ...... 26

PyramNet: Point Cloud Pyramid Attention Network and Graph Embedding Module forClassification and Segmentation [Link]

Zhiheng Kang and Ning Li ...... 35


Efficient Online Training Method for SiamFC Network in Object Tracking [Link]

Yueyang Gu, Yu Qiao, Kuan Xu, Jie Yang, Hang Xu, Jiawen Li and Jian Li ...... 44

Neural Style Transfer for Characters Synthesis via Stack Network [Link]

Qiyang Zhang, Shengwu Xiong and Anna Zhu ...... 50

A New Makeup Transfer with Super-resolution [Link]

Yeqing Ren, Youqiang Sun, Di Wu, Zhihua Cui and A.K. Qin ...... 59

Nuclear Norm Minimization in Frequency Domain for Complex Noise [Link]

Imran Razzak, Usman Naseem, Saeeda Naz and Ibrahim A Hameed ...... 69

Volume 16, No.1 2019: Link to this issue


Deep Heterogeneous Ensemble [Link]

Thanh Nguyen, Truong Dang Manh, Dung Pham, Lan Phuong Dao, Anh Vu Luong, John McCall and Alan Wee-Chung Liew ...... 1

Quasi-random Image Transition and Animation [Link]

Aneta Neumann, Frank Neumann and Tobias Friedrich ...... 10

Robust Visual Tracking Based on Hybrid Network and Similarity Grouping [Link]

Yu Liu, Xiaoqiang Li, Chen Huang, DianHua Zhang and Mingke Gao ...... 19

Label Distribution Data Feature Reduction Based on Fuzzy Rough Set Model [Link]

Yansheng Zhai and Jianhua Dai ...... 27

Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm for Continuous Network Design Problems [Link]

Rui You, Wei-Neng Chen, An Song, Jinghui Zhong and Yue-Jiao Gong ...... 36

High Dimensional Fuzzy Outlier Detection [Link]

Vasudev Sharma and B.K Tripathy ...... 45

Genetic algorithm based optimization of deep convolutional neural network ensemble forpedestrian moving direction recognition [Link]

Xuanang Feng, Rui Li, Jianing Zhao and Eisuke Kita ...... 56

IaaS Reservation Optimization for Multi-QoS Level based SaaS Provisioning [Link]

Hai Dong ...... 65

An Improved Genetic Algorithm for the Virtual Machine Placement Problem [Link]

Chanipa Sonklin, Maolin Tang and Yuchu Tian ...... 73

Volume 15, No.4 2019: Link to this issue


Accurate Infant Brain MRI Segmentation via 3D Dense-Fuse Convolution Neural Networks [Link]

Chen Xuheng, Mingyong Zhuang, Congbo Cai, Yue Huang and Xinghao Ding ...... 1

AMI-Net+: A Novel Multi-Instance Neural Network for Medical Diagnosis from Incomplete andImbalanced Data [Link]

Zeyuan Wang, Josiah Poon and Simon Poon ...... 8

Towards Machine Learning approach for Digital-Health intervention program [Link]

Meena Santhanagopalan, Madhu Chetty, Cameron Foale and Britt Klein ...... 16

Quantitative Analysis of Motor Synergies and Assessment of Upper-limb Motor Function forPost-stroke Rehabilitation Based on Multi-modal Data Fusion [Link]

Chen Wang, Liang Peng, Jingyue Li, Zeng-Guang Hou and Weiqun Wang ...... 25

A Study on Combining EEG Signals and Crytography for Bitcoin Security [Link]

Dang Nguyen, Dat Tran and Wanli Ma ...... 34

SEMG and KNN Based Human Motion Intention Recognition for Active and SafeNeurorehabilitation [Link]

Weiguo Shi, Weiqun Wang, Zeng-Guang Hou, Xu Liang, Jiaxing Wang, Shixin Ren and Liang Peng ...... 43

Deep AutoEncoder-Decoder Framework for Semantic Segmentation of Brain Tumor [Link]

Arshia Rehman, Saeeda Naz, Usman Naseem, Imran Razzak and Ibrahim A Hameed ...... 53


CARec: Content-Aware Point-of-Interest Recommendation via Adaptive Bayesian PersonalizedRanking [Link]

Baoping Liu, Yijun Su, Daren Zha, Neng Gao and Ji Xiang ...... 58

Deep Context-Aware Embedding for Abusive and Hate Speech detection on Twitter [Link]

Usman Naseem, Imran Razzak and Ibrahim A Hameed ...... 66

Volume 15, No.3 2019: Link to this issue


Multi-view Clustering through Optimal Transport [Link]

Fatima Ezzahraa Ben Bouazza, Younès Bennani, Mourad El Hamri, Guénaël Cabanes, BasarabMatei and Abdelfettah Touzani ...... 1

Structure simplification of neural network for smile classification [Link]

Shu Liu and Jo Plested ...... 10

Stable EEG Biometrics Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Functional Connectivity [Link]

Min Wang, Jiankun Hu and Hussein Abbass ...... 19

Zero-shot learning of user intent understanding by Convolutional Neural Networks [Link]

Jiahui Shen, Yuanye He and Ji Xiang ...... 27

Classification of Human's Perception of Manipulated and Unmanipulated Digital Images UsingNeural Network with Network Reduction Techniques [Link]

Zirui Tan and Jo Plested ...... 34

Three-Stream Convolutional Neural Network for Micro-Expression Recognition [Link]

Ke Li, Yuan Zong, Baolin Song, Jie Zhu, Jingang Shi, Wenming Zheng and Li Zhao ...... 41

Augmented Reality Vision Improving Educational Learning [Link]

Seid Miad Zandavi, Zexi Hu, Yuk Chung and Ali Anaissi ...... 49


Generating Multimodal Features for Emotion Classification from Eye Movement Signals [Link]

Huangfei Jiang, Xiya Guan, Weiye Zhao, Li-Ming Zhao and Bao-Liang Lu ...... 59

Deep Transfer Learning for Emotion Recognition from Text [Link]

Chaikesh Chouragade and V Susheela Devi ...... 67

Fractional Sparse Representation Based Classification and Multi-view Extension for FaceRecognition [Link]

Yun-Hao Yuan, Chao Zhang, Li Yun, Qiang Jipeng, Bin Li, Guangwei Gao, Xiaoning Song and Huimin Lu ...... 76

Face Hallucination Using Locality Preserving Canonical Correlation Analysis [Link]

Yun-Hao Yuan, Jie Yang, Li Yun, Qiang Jipeng, Bin Li, Xiaobo Shen, Jianping Gou and Guangwei Gao ...... 82

Volume 15, No.2 2019: Link to this issue


MIDI-Sandwich: Multi-model Multi-task Hierarchical Conditional VAE-GAN networks for SymbolicSingle-track Music Generation [Link]

Xia Liang, Junmin Wu and Yan Yin ...... 1

CycleGAN using Semi-Supervised Learning [Link]

Masashi Okada, Hidehiro Nakano and Arata Miyauchi ...... 10

GAN Generate Adversarial Examples to Fool Deep Networks [Link]

Yan Liu, Wei Yang, Xueyu Zhang, Yi Zhang and Liusheng Huang ...... 20

GAN-SMOTE: A Generative Adversarial Network approach to Synthetic Minority Oversampling [Link]

Mitchell Scott and Jo Plested ...... 29

Multi-task Generative Adversarial Learning on Geometrical Shape Reconstruction from EEGBrain Signals [Link]

Xiang Zhang, Xiaocong Chen, Manqing Dong, Huan Liu, Chang Ge and Lina Yao ...... 36


Triplet CNN-based Word Spotting of Historical Arabic Documents [Link]

Abir Fathallah, Mohamed Ibn Khedher, Mounim El Yacoubi and Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara ...... 44

A Novel Deep Intrusion Detection Model Based On a Convolutional Neural Network [Link]

Neng Fu, Nuerbiye Kamili, Yanhong Huang and Jianqi Shi ...... 52

URL-based Phishing Attack Detection by Convolutional Neural Networks [Link]

Jakub Nowak, Marcin Korytkowski, Marcin Wozniak and Rafal Scherer ...... 60

Prediction of regions including dislocations in multicrystalline silicon photoluminescenceimage by transfer learning of convolutional neural network [Link]

Hiroaki Kudo, Yusuke Hayama, Tetsuya Matsumoto, Kentaro Kutsukake and Noritaka Usami ...... 68

GRU based Convolutional Neural Network with Initialized Filters for Text Classification [Link]

Linhong Weng, Qing Li and Xuehai Ding ...... 75


UA-DRN: Unbiased Aggregation of Deep Neural Networks for Regression Ensemble [Link]

Jiawei Li, Yiming Li, Jiacheng Yang, Taian Guo and Shu-Tao Xia ...... 86

Method for the Machine-Generation of Ancient Chinese Poetry Based on a Deep Neural NetworkCombined with Images [Link]

Chenyang Zhang, Jiamei Wang, Xinyun Li, Fei Fu and Weiquan Wang ...... 94

Volume 14, No.4 2016: Link to this issue

Recognizing Complex Head Movements [Link]

Kornél Bertók and Attila Fazekas ...... 3

Developing a 3D virtual library model based on the ancient Library ofAlexandria [Link]

István Boda, Erzsébet Tóth, István Csont and László T. Nagy ...... 19

The education of disruptive technologies in the innovative engineering training [Link]

Ildikó Horváth ...... 31

BCI controlled WiFi mobile robot [Link]

József Katona and Attila Kovar ...... 61

Volume 14, No.3 2015: Link to this issue

Designing a Network-Based System for Delivery of Remote Mine Services [Link]

Weidong Huang, Craig James, Kazys Stepanas, Eleonora Widzyk-Capehart, LeilaAlem, Chris Gunn, Matt Adcock and Kerstin Haustein ...... 1

A Case Study of Collecting Dynamic Social Data: The Pro-Ana TwitterCommunity [Link]

Ian Wood ...... 13

Comparing eye gaze tracking to reported perceptions of manipulatedand unmanipulated digital images [Link]

Sabrina B. Caldwell, Tamás D. Gedeon, Richard L. Jones and Martin Henschke ...... 26

Evaluation of e-Readers: A Preliminary Analysis [Link]

Ujala Rampaul and Tom Gedeon ...... 37

Volume 14, No.2 2014: Link to this issue

A novel technique for ASP.NET dynamic web validation [Link]

Chee Sheen Chan and Jer Lang Hong ...... 1

RANSAC Multi Model Response Regression based Pruned ExtremeLearning Machines for Multiclass problems [Link]

Lavneet Singh and Girija Chetty ...... 9

The Conditions of Solvability of the Inverse Problem of Operator Equationfor a Pattern Recognition Neurooperator Model [Link]

Anuar Dyusembaev, Mikhail Grishko and Danabek Kaliazhdarov ...... 15

HTML Validation for PHP Web Applications [Link]

Chee Sheen Chan and Jer Lang Hong ...... 21

Webpage Sentiment Analysis using Common Ontology WordNet [Link]

Huey Jing Toh and Jer Lang Hong ...... 27

A Comparative Study of Video Inpainting Techniques [Link]

Sameh Zarif, Ibrahima Faye and Dayang Rohaya ...... 33

Adaptive Apriori and Weighted Association Rule Mining on VisualInspected Variables for Predicting Obstructive Sleep Apnea [Link]

Doreen Ying Ying Sim, Chee Siong The and Ahmad Izuanuddin Ismail ...... 39

Volume 14, No.1 2014: Link to this issue

A Novel Hybrid Learning Technique for Roadside VegetationClassification [Link]

Sujan Chowdhury, Brijesh Verma and David Stockwell ...... 1

Detecting SNP Interactions in Balanced and Imbalanced Datasets usingAssociative Classification [Link]

Suneetha Uppu, Aneesh Krishna and Raj P.GopaIan ...... 7

Impact Analysis of the Person in Topic Event Mining [Link]

Fenghuan Li, Dequan Zheng and Tiejun Zhao ...... 19

Simulating oculomotor inhibition of return with a two-dimensionaldynamic neural field model of the superior colliculus [Link]

Jason Satel, Farzaneh S. Fard, Zhiguo Wang and Thomas P. Trappenberg ...... 27

Context-Based Information Retrieval in Risky Environment [Link]

Djallel Bouneffouf ...... 33

Temporal Decision Tree and Interpretable Temporal Rules: J48 and FuzzyCognitive Maps Approach [Link]

Shih Yin Ooi, Shing Chiang Tan and Wooi Ping Cheah ...... 41

Volume 13, No.3 2013: Link to this issue

Training for Life: Designing a Game to Engage Younger People in aPsychological Counselling [Link]

G. Hookham, M. Deady, F. Kay-Lambkin and K. Nesbitt ...... 1

Robot Assisted Language Learning through Games: A Comparison ofTwo Case Studies [Link]

O. Mubin, S. Shahid and C. Bartneck ...... 9

An Approach of Assistance of Learner's Annotative Activity throughWeb Services [Link]

A. Kalboussi, O. Mazhoud, N. Omheni and A. H. Kacem ...... 15

Interactive Learning Devices for the New Media Exhibition RebuildingtheTong-an Ships in National Palace Museum [Link]

I.-J. Tsai and J.-M. Yang ...... 23

Interactive Storytelling: How Picture Book Conventions InformMultimedia Book App Narratives [Link]

B. Sargeant ...... 29

The Impact of Creative Potential through Game Play Experiences [Link]

W. Inchamnan ...... 37

Volume 13, No.2 2012: Link to this issue

Risk Management in the Australian Stock Market using Artificial Neural Networks [Link]

Bjoern Krollner, Bruce Vanstone and Gavin Finnie ...... 1

Using Frequent Max Substring Technique for Thai Text Indexing [Link]

Todsanai Chumwatana, Kok Wai Wong and Hong Xie ...... 13

WiiFitChair: A Chair-based Interface for Hands-free Remote Camera Control [Link]

Dingyun Zhu and Tom Gedeon ...... 29

Fuzzy Output Error [Link]

Tom Gedeon, Leana Copeland and Sumudu Mendis ...... 37

Volume 12, No.4 2010: Link to this issue

A Multi-Layer Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Model for Flow Shop Scheduling Problem [Link]

Xue-Feng Zhang, Bin Tong, Miyuki Koshimura, Hiroshi Fujita and Ryuzo Hasegawa ...... 1

Ensemble Separable Recurs ive Techniques for MLP Networks [Link]

Vijanth S. Asirvadam and Sean F. McLoone ...... 7

Personalized Modeling based Gene Selection for acute GvHD Gene Expression Data Analysis: aComputational Framework Proposed [Link]

Maurizio Fiasché, Maria Cuzzola, Pasquale Iacopino, Nik Kasabov and Francesco C. Morabito ...... 13

Teacher-directed learning in view-independent face detection with mixture of experts usingCortex-Like Features [Link]

Zeinab Farhoudi, Soheil Faridi, Reza Ebrahimpour and Saeed Setayeshi ...... 19

Expression Invariant Face Recognition Using Biologically Inspired Features from VisualCortexMechanism [Link]

Afra Vahidi Shams, Soheil Faridi, Seyed-Mahdi Khaligh Razavi, Reza Ebrahimpour and andMehrdad ...... 25

Semantic SLAM Model for Autonomous Mobile Robots using Content Based Image RetrievalTechniques: A Performance Analysis [Link]

Choon Ling Tan, Simon Egerton and Velappa Ganapathy ...... 30

Real-Time Road Sign Recognition [Link]

Yok-Yen Nguwi, Teik-Toe Teoh, Insu song and Siu-Yeung Cho ...... 36

Analyzing differences between Gabor functions and ICA Filters learned from natural scenes [Link]

André Cavalcante, Fausto Lucena, Allan Kardec Barros, Yoshinori Takeuchi and NoboruOhnishi ...... 41

Identification of abnormality from Endoscopic Color Images using Normalized cuts [Link]

Ravindra S. Hegadi ...... 46

Volume 12, No.3 2010: Link to this issue

Error Bounds for Real Function Classes Based on Discretized Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimensions [Link]

Chao Zhang and Dacheng Tao ...... 1

Speaker Verification using Weighted Local MFCC Features Extracted by Minimum VerificationError Learning [Link]

Shunsuke Sakai, Toru Nozaki and Keisuke Kameyama ...... 7

Topological Collaborative Clustering [Link]

Nistor Grozavu and Younès Bennan ...... 13

Subspace Ensembles for Face Recognition [Link]

Mahdi Tabassian, Reza Ghaderi and Reza Ebrahimpour ...... 19

A Novel Approach Based on Fusion of Three Neural Experts for Handwriting Recognition [Link]

Hong Lee, Brijesh Verma and MinYeop Park ...... 25

A hybrid ART-RBF Network Architecture for Viewpoint Invariant Human Activity Recognition [Link]

Zaw Zaw Htike, Simon Egerton and Kuang Ye Chow ...... 31

Subspace-Based L2 Support Vector Machines [Link]

Takuya Kitamura and Shigeo Abe ...... 38

Supervised Similarity-Based Classification using a Generative Graph-Based Model [Link]

Andrew Skabar ...... 41

Volume 12, No.2 2010: Link to this issue

Estimation of arm force direction during isometric muscle contraction with fNIRS [Link]

Taiki Ishii, Shuichi Matsuzaki and Yasuhiro Wada ...... 1

An Investigation on Two Surrogate-based EAS [Link]

Maumita Bhattacharya ...... 7

Automated Scoring System for Liver Fibrosis Diagnosis with Second Harmonic GenerationMicroscopy [Link]

Shuoyu Xu, Dean C.S. Tai, Peter T.C. So, Hanry Yu and Jagath C. Rajapakse ...... 13

Effects of Prior Knowledge on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Leaning System to Find Courses ofships [Link]

Takeshi Kamio, Kunihiko Mitsubori, Takahiro Tanaka, Hisato Fujisaka and Kazuhisa Haeiwa ...... 18

FPGA-based Circuit for Central Pattern Generator in Quadruped Locomotion [Link]

Jose Hugo Barron-Zambrano, Cesar Torres-Huitzil and Bernard Girau ...... 24

Advanced Random Subspace Method(ARSM) for Accurate Cancer Classification [Link]

Sun-Wook Choi and Chong Ho Lee ...... 30

Markerless Image-Patient Registration using WAP-ICP [Link]

Hui-yuan Hsieh, Chung-Hsien Huang, Jiann-Der Lee and Shih-Tseng Lee ...... 35

Improving the analysis of hydrofoils undergoing cavitation by using artificial neuralnetworks [Link]

Anne Gosset, Vicente Díaz Casás, Richard J. Duro and Fernando López Peña ...... 41

Volume 12, No.1 2010: Link to this issue

LCART: Lightweight Congestion Aware Reliable Transport Protocol for WSN Targeting Heterogeneous Traffic [Link]

Atif Sharif, Vidyasagar M. Potdar and A.J.D. Rathnayaka ...... 1

Nonnegative DEDICOM Based On Tensor Decompositions for Social Networks Exploration [Link]

Anh Huy Phan, Andrzej Cichocki and Thanh Vu-Dinh ...... 10

Damped Newton Iterations for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization [Link]

Rafal Zdunek, Anh Huy Phan and Andrzej Cichocki ...... 16

Adaptive identification of landmine class by evaluating the total degree of conformity ofring-SOMweights in a ground penetrating radar system [Link]

Yukimasa Nakano and Akira Hirose ...... 23

QoS-oriented Resource Allocation and Scheduling of Multiple Composite Web Services in aHybridCloud Using a Random-Key Genetic Algorithm [Link]

Lifeng Ai, Maolin Tang and Colin Fidge ...... 29

Label Ranking with Semi-Supervised Learning [Link]

Wei Wang and Irwin King ...... 35

Representation of a Memorized Target in Allocentric Coordinates [Link]

Misako Komatsu and Eizo Miyashita ...... 41

An Analysis of Bayesian Bagging Prediction for Improving Generalization Performance [Link]

Shuichi Kurogi, Kenta Harashima and Nozomi Shibata ...... 46

Volume 11, No.4 2010: Link to this issue

Simultaneous Learning of Several Bayesian Discriminant Functions by a Neural Network withAdditional Nodes [Link]

Yoshifusa Ito, Hiroyuki Izumi and Cidambi Srinivasan ...... 1

Sliding-Window Moving Average Learning for System with Lossy Packets [Link]

V.S. Asirvadam, MJ.O Elamin, N. Saad and S. F. McLoone ...... 8

Stock Forecasting with Feedforward Neural Networks and Gradual Data Sub-Sampling [Link]

Shekhar Gupta and Lipo Wang ...... 14

A Discrete Hardware Artificial Neural Network with AVR Microcontroller [Link]

Abdolreza Joghataie and Saber Avestakh ...... 18

An Exponential Family Extension to Principal Component Analysis [Link]

Jun Li and Dacheng Tao ...... 23

A New Iterative Identification Scheme for Hammerstein Systems with Support Vector MachineBased on Biconvex Optimization [Link]

Guoqi Li, Changyun Wen and Wei Xing Zheng ...... 29

Phase Transition of Variational Bayes Learning in Bernoulli Mixture [Link]

Daisuke Kaji, Kazuho Watanabe and Sumio Watanabe ...... 35

Global Robust Stability of Dynamical Neural Networks with Time Delays [Link]

Ruya Samli and Sabri Arik ...... 41

Volume 11, No.3 2010: Link to this issue

Mind Flipper: An EEG-based Brain Computer Interface for Page-turning during Presentation [Link]

Yunjun Nam, Hyohyeong Kang, Qibin Zhao, Andrzej Cichocki and Seungjin Choi ...... 1

Modeling of Car Driver Cognitive Process Based on Hazard Perception In Front of Car [Link]

Kazutaka Kouda, Takashi Omori, Koichiro Yamauchi and Satoru Ishikawa ...... 7

An EEG-based Self-Constructed Neural Fuzzy System to Estimate Driver's Cognitive State [Link]

Shi-An Chen, Fu-Chang Lin, Tzu-Kuei Shen, Li-Wei Ko, Tzyy-Ping Jung and Chin-Teng Lin ...... 13

Effect of Numeric Order on Subjective Duration of Following Stimulus [Link]

Tomomitsu Herai and Ken Mogi ...... 19

Enhancing Performance of SVM-Based Brain-Computer Interface Systems [Link]

Tuan Hoang, Phuoc Nguyen, Trung Le, Dat Tran and Dharmendra Sharma ...... 24

A method for visual model learning during tracking [Link]

Miranda Grahl, Frank Joublin and Franz Kummert ...... 28

Volume 11, No.2 2010: Link to this issue

A Model of Binding Concepts to Spoken Names [Link]

Andrew P. Papliński, Lennart Gustafsson and William M. Mount ...... 1

Coarse Image Region Segmentation in Spatio-Temporal Domain using a Region-based CoupledMRF Model with Phase Dynamics [Link]

Kazuki Nakada, Kenji Matsuzaka and Takashi Morie ...... 6

Adaptive selection of learning strategy for autonomous sequence learning in rats [Link]

Masato Hoshino, Hiroshi Tsujino and Kenji Doya ...... 12

Effect of Overlap among Memory Patterns in Delay Feedback Control of Chaotic Neural NetworkModel [Link]

Kouta Teramoto, Jousuke Kuroiwa, Hisakazu Ogura, Tomohiro Odaka, Haruhiko Shirai and andIzumi ...... 17

A Visual Attention Model for Omnidirectional Images [Link]

AmirHossein Habibian, Ali Borj, Majid Nili Ahmadabadi and Babak Nadjar Araabi ...... 23

Cross Lingual Opinion Analysis via Transfer Learning [Link]

Jun Xu, RuifengXu, Yuxin Ding, Xiaolong Wang and Chunyu Kit ...... 28

Volume 11, No.1 2010: Link to this issue

Integration of Visual Scenes and Motion Signals by Entorhinal Grid Cells During SpatialImagery [Link]

Naoyuki Sato ...... 1

Interfacing Real-Time Spiking I/O with the SpiNNaker neuromimetic architecture [Link]

Sergio Davies, Cameron Patterson, Francesco Galluppi, Alexander D. Rast, David Lester and andSteve B. Furber ...... 7

Spike-time robotics: a rapid response circuit for a robot that seeks temporally varyingStimuli [Link]

Janet Wiles, David Ball, Scott Heath, Chris Nolan and Peter Stratton ...... 12

Neural network model for hierarchical processing of face information in inferior temporalcortex [Link]

Yuichiro Yamada and Yoshiki Kashimori ...... 18

Probabilistic Evolving Spiking Neural Network Optimization Using Dynamic Quantum-inspiredParticle Swarm Optimization [Link]

Haza Nuzly Abdull Hamed, Nikola Kasabov and Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin ...... 23

Statistical Calibration Method for Physiological Ca2+ Fluorescence Signals [Link]

Takamasa Tsunoda, Yoshiaki Oda, Toshiaki Omori, Masato Okada, Masashi Inoue, HiroyoshiMiyakawa and Toru Aonishi ...... 29

Izhikevich Neuron Model and its Application in Pattern Recognition [Link]

Roberto A. Vázquez ...... 35

Stockmarket Trading using Fundamental Variables and Neural Networks [Link]

Bruce Vanstone, Gavin Finnie and Tobias Hahn ...... 41

Volume 10, No.4 2009: Link to this issue

Editorial: Computational Advances in Bioinformatics [Link]

Jonathan H. Chan and Asawin Meechai ...... 1

Validation of Merging Techniques for Cancer Microarray Data Sets [Link]

Jonatan Taminau, Stijn Meganck, David Y. Weiss-Solis, Wilma C.G. van Staveren, GenevièveDom, David Venet, Hugues Bersini, Vincent Detours and Ann Nowé ...... 4

Fuzzy ARTMAP and a Hybrid Chaos Genetic Algorithm for Medical Pattern Classification [Link]

Chin Sing Loo, Shing Chiang Tan and Chee Peng Lim ...... 12

Development of a Block—based Palmprint Recognition Methodology Using the Discrete CosineTransform [Link]

H. Kipsang Choge, Tadahiro Oyama, Stephen Karungaru, Satoru Tsuge and Minoru Fukumi ...... 22

Enhancing Protein Fold Prediction Accuracy Using an Ensemble of Different Classifiers [Link]

Abdollah Dehzangi, Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk and Omid Dehzangi ...... 32

Motif Recognition Using LVQ Classifiers with Overlap-based Similarity Metrics [Link]

Hai Thanh Do and Dianhui Wang ...... 41

Volume 10, No.3 2009: Link to this issue

Ontology Based Personalized Modeling for Chronic Disease Risk Analysis: AnIntegrated Approach [Link]

Anju Verma, Nikola Kasabov, Elaine Rush and Qun Song ...... 1

Modelling Climate Change Effects on Wine Quality based on Expert OpinionsExpressed in Free-text Format: the WEBSOM Approach [Link]

Subana Shanmuganathan and Philip Sallis ...... 9

Frost Prediction Characteristics and Classification using Computational NeuralNetworks [Link]

Philip Sallis, Mary Jarur and Marcelo Trujillo ...... 19

Web Search Engines A Basis For Term Evaluation [Link]

Sukanya Manna and Tom Gedeon ...... 28

Experimental Evaluation of Approaches for Long Term Prediction of HumanMovement Trajectories [Link]

Sven Hellbach, Julian P. Eggert, Edgar Körner and Horst-Michael Gross ...... 41

3D Object Recognition Based on Some Aspects of the Infant Vision System andAssociative Memory [Link]

Roberto A. Vázquez, Humberto Sossa and Beatriz A. Garro ...... 51

Volume 9, No.4 2007: Link to this issue

Learning to Play Othello with N-Tuple Systems [Link]

Simon M. Lucas ...... 1

Homura IDE, an Integrated Java Game Development Platform [Link]

Abdennour El Rhalibi, Madjid Merabti, Paul Fergus, Yuanyuan Shen and Marc Price ...... 21

A Survey on Network Game Cheats and P2P Solutions [Link]

Steven Daniel Webb and Sieteng Soh ...... 34

Dynamic Assignment of Zones to Servers for Large-Scale Distributed Virtual Environments [Link]

Jian Guo and Suiping Zhou ...... 44

Volume 9, No.3 2007: Link to this issue

A sequence Based Recommender System for Learning Resources [Link]

Dean Cummins, Kalina Yacef and Irena Koprinska ...... 49

Information Access Efficiency: A Measure and A case Study [Link]

Shijian Lu and Cécile Paris ...... 57

Comparing XML-IR Query Formation Interfaces [Link]

Alan Woodley, Shlomo Geva and Sylvia Lauretta Edwards ...... 64

InexBib – Retireving XML elements based on external evidence [Link]

Alexander H. Krumpholz ...... 72

Element Retrieval Using a Passage Retrieval Approach [Link]

Weihua Huang, Andrew Trotman and Richard O’Keefe ...... 80

Differentiating Document Type and Author Personality from Linguistic Features [Link]

Scott Nowson and Jon Oberlander ...... 84

Dual Interactive Information Retrieval [Link]

Vitaliy Vitsentiy ...... 89

Enhanced web-based translation extraction for English-Chinese CLIR [Link]

Chengye Lu, Yue Xu and shlomo Geva ...... 90

Volume 9, No.2 2007: Link to this issue

Some Observations on User Search Behavior [Link]

YuYe Zhang and Alistair Moffat ...... 1

Examining the Pseudo-Standard Web Search Engine Results Page [Link]

Andrew Turpin, Falk Scholer, Bodo Billerbeck and Larry A. Abel ...... 9

Improving Ranking in Samll-scale Web Search Using Click-implied Descriptions [Link]

David Hawking, Tom Rowlands and Matt Adcock ...... 17

My Instant Expert [Link]

George Ferizis and Peter Bailey ...... 25

Preliminary Investigations into Ontology-based Collection Selection [Link]

J.D.King, Y.Li, P.D Bruza and R.Nayak ...... 33

Document-related Awareness Elements in Synchronous Collaborative Authoring [Link]

Gitesh K. Raikundalia and Hao Lan Zhang ...... 41

Volume 9, No.1 2006: Link to this issue

A Comparative Study of Public Domain Supervised Classifier Performance on the UCI Database [Link]

Peter W. Eklund and A. Hoang ...... 1

IEMS — An Approach that Combines Hand Crafted Rules with Learnt Instance Based Rules [Link]

Eric McCreath, Judy Kay and Elisabeth Crawford ...... 40

The Design and Implementation of a Knowledge-Based Guide System in an Intelligent MultipleObjective Group Decision Support System [Link]

J. Lu and M.A. Quaddus ...... 54

A Neural Network Abductive Model [Link]

Yue Xu, Kankana Chakrabarty and Chengqi Zhang ...... 71

Volume 8, No.4 2005: Link to this issue

Measurement of Level-of-Satisfaction of Decision Maker in Intelligent Fuzzy- MCDM Theory: AGeneralised Approach [Link]

Pandian Vasant, Arijit Bhattacharya and Ajith Abraham ...... 181

Fuzzy Signature for Complex Decision Model [Link]

Kok Wai Wong, Tamás D. Gedeon, Alex Chong and László T. Kóczy ...... 193

A Monitoring System of Drill Wear States Using A Hybrid Neural Network [Link]

Vishy Karri and Tossapol Kiatcharoenpol ...... 200

A Parallel FPGA-Based Implementation of the Discrete Wavelet Transform [Link]

Ali Al-Haj ...... 206

Extending the Recommendation Architecture for Text Mining [Link]

Uditha Ratnayake, Tamás D. Gedeon and Nalin Wickramarachchi ...... 212

Volume 8, No.3 2003: Link to this issue


Utilization of Keyword Map for Intelligent Web Interaction based on Refrieval, Browsing, AnalysisOperations [Link]

Yasufumi Takama and Tomoki Kajinami ...... 97

A Dual Style of Fuzzy Wavelet Based on Fuzzy Relational Structure and Its Application to ImageCompression/ Reconsfrucüon [Link]

Hajime Nobuhara and Kaoru Hirota ...... 105

Relevance Feedback and Intelligent Technologies in Content-based ImageRetrieval System for Medical Applications [Link]

Kien Ping Chung and Chun Che Fung ...... 113

A hierarchical text categorization approach and its application to FRT expansion [Link]

Domonkos Tikk, György Biró and Jae Dong Yang ...... 123

Toward a Fuzzy Thesaurus Based on Similarity in Fuzzy Covering [Link]

Rolly Intan and Masao Mukaidono ...... 132

Similarity Relations Based on Uniqueness Measure [Link]

Masashi Emoto, Rolly Intan, Manami Matsumoto and Masao Mukaidono ...... 140

Using Memetic Algorithms For Fuzzy Modelling [Link]

Ning Zhu, Yew Soon Ong, Kok Wai Wong and Kiam Tian Seow ...... 147

Approximation capability of TP model forms [Link]

Domonkos Tikk, Péter Baranyi, Ron J. Patton and József K. Tar ...... 155

Ontological Network System Construction from the Interaction between Robots and Human [Link]

Eri Sato, Toru Yamaguchi and Fumio Harashima ...... 164

Volume 8, No.2 2003: Link to this issue

Dynamic Programming Approach to Image Segmentationand it's Application to Pre-Processing Mammograms [Link]

W.T. Hung, H. Nguyen, B.S. Thornton and Y.Zinder ...... 51

Multi-Resolution Neural Networks for Handwritten Digit Recognition [Link]

G. Heald, A. Harvey and A. Jennings ...... 57

Non-Rigid Image Registration and the Use of Mutual Information [Link]

C. Fookes and M. Bennamoun ...... 65


Sparse Fuzzy System Generation By Cluster Estimation: A Projection Based Approach [Link]

A. Chong, K.W. Wong, T.D. Gedeon and L.T. Koczy ...... 82

Volume 8, No.1 2002: Link to this issue

Using Consensus Ensembles to Identify Suspect Data [Link]

David Clark ...... 1

The Machine Intelligence Hex Project - An Overview [Link]

K. Chalup and D. Mellor ...... 6

Current Al in Games: A review [Link]

P. Sweetser and J. Wiles ...... 24


Classification of Human Gestures Using Temporal Templates and Artificial Neural Networks [Link]

A. Sharma, D. K. Kumar, S. Kumar and N. McLachlan ...... 43

Volume 7, No.3 2001: Link to this issue


A Novel Approach to Personalized Product Filtering in Electronic Commerce [Link]

Zheng Wang and Chee-Kheong Siew ...... 81

Emergent information systems - the role of adaptive agents [Link]

Nathan T. Clapham, David G. Green and Michael Kirley ...... 96

Domain Ontology Guided Feature-Selection for Document Categorization [Link]

Bill B. Wang, R.I. (Bob) McKay, Hussein A. Abbass and Michael Barlow ...... 102


Saturation of a-cut based fuzzy interpolators [Link]

Domonkos Tikk ...... 110


Solving the Symbolic Regression Problem with Tree-Adjunct Grammar Guided Genetic Programming [Link]

N.X. Hoai, R.I. McKay and D. Essam ...... 114

Multi-Layered Genetic Algorithm for Maintenance Scheduling With Multiple Parameters [Link]

G. Kelareva and M. Negnevitsky ...... 122


A Distribution-Based Face/ Non-Face Classification Technique [Link]

Son Lam Phung, Douglas Chai and Abdesselam Bouzerdoum ...... 132


Anti-correlation: A Diversity Promoting Mechanism in Ensemble Learning [Link]

R.I. (Bob) McKay and Hussein A. Abbass ...... 139

Volume 7, No.1 2000: Link to this issue


Fuzzy Genetic Algorithms with Fuzzy Solutions [Link]

Jinglan Zhang, Binh Pham and Phoebe Chen ...... 1

Subspace Identification with Cylindricity-Based Clustering For Hierarchical Fuzzy SystemConstruction [Link]

A. Chong, T. Cedeon, L.T. Koczy and K.W. Wong ...... 11

A Relaxation Based Edge Detection System Using Fuzzy Reasoning [Link]

Jaeger McCallum, Chun Che Fung and Douglas Myers ...... 21

Embedded Smart Controller for an Industrial Reefer Refrigeration [Link]

Leon Reznik and Shane Spiteri ...... 28


Prediction of Thrust and Torque in Drilling Using ConventionalAnd Feedforward Neural Networks [Link]

Vishy Karri and Tossapol Kiatcharoenpol ...... 33

Intelligent Data Mining for Customer Relationship Managment [Link]

K.W. Wong, B. Griner, W.R. Dillon and T.D. Gedeon ...... 39


An Investigation of Fitness Sharing in Genetic Programming [Link]

R.I. (Bob) McKay ...... 46

A Comparative Study of Different Penalty Function-Based Genetic Algorithms for ConstrainedOptimization [Link]

Ruhul . Sarker ...... 55


Computer Games with Intelligence [Link]

Daniel Johnson and Janet Wiles ...... 61

Volume 6, No.4 2000: Link to this issue


Representation, Ranking, Distance, and Similarity of L-RType Fuzzy Number and Application [Link]

Shan Huo Chen and Chih Hsun Hsieh ...... 217


A Hybrid GA to Solve Non-linear Mixed Integer Programming programs: An Efficient Method forReliability System Design [Link]

Changyoon Lee and Mitsuo Gen ...... 230


A Supervised Neural Network Based on the Cerebellum [Link]

Robert Ollington and Peter Vamplew ...... 242

Multiobjective Neural Techniques for Finding Software Task Allocations in Multiple ComputerSystems [Link]

Jerzy Balicki ...... 249

Volume 6, No.3 2000: Link to this issue


A Computer Simulation of the Acquisition of Childhood Arithmetic Procedures [Link]

Julieanne van Zyl and Dan Corbett ...... 129


Improvement and Implementation of Critical Diagnosis Reasoning [Link]

Yue Xu and Chengqi Zhang ...... 143


Learning Robot Behaviours by Extracting Fuzzy Rules from Demonstrated Actions [Link]

Koren Ward, Alexander Zelinsky and Phillip McKerrow ...... 154


Tutorial in Data Parallel Image Processing [Link]

Thomas Bräunl ...... 164

Robust Lip Tracking using Active Shape Models and Gradient Vector Flow [Link]

Simon Lucey, Sridha Sridharan and Vinod Chandran ...... 175


Detection of Signal Features Using Neural Network-based Multi-Type Orthogonal Wavelets [Link]

Moussa Abdallah, Souheil Odeh and Jafar Al-Hasani ...... 180


A Systolic Array Architecture for Wavelet-Based Time-Delay Estimation [Link]

Moussa Abdallah, Souheil Odeh and Samir Shaltaf ...... 192

Volume 6, No.2 2000: Link to this issue


AJIIPS Special Issue: Self-organisation and self-organising neural networks [Link]

Professor Tamás (Tom) D. Gedeon (Guest Editor) ...... 63

Recognition of Hand-Gestures Based on Self-Organization Using a DataGlove [Link]

Masumi Ishikawa ...... 65

Clustering by SOM (Self-Organizing Maps), MST (Minimal Spanning Tree) and MCP (Modified CounterPropagation) [Link]

K. Obu-Cann, K Fujimmura and H. Tokutaka ...... 72

Coloring that Reveals Cluster Structures in Multivariate Data [Link]

Samuel Kaski, Jarkko Venna and Teuvo Kohonen ...... 82

Self-organising Maps Use for Intelligent Data Analysis [Link]

Doug Myers, Kok Wai Wong and Chun Che Fung ...... 89

New Method for Measuring the Topology Preservation Of Self-organizing Feature Maps [Link]

Sadayuki Murashima, Masayuki Kashima and Takayasu Fuchida ...... 97

A General Hebbian Learning for Nonlinear Neuron with Application To Laterally InterconnectedSynergetically Self-organizing Map [Link]

Bai-ling Zhang and T.D. Gedeon ...... 105

A Multi-prototype classifier and its application to remotely sensed image analysis [Link]

Nikhil R. Pal and Arijit Laha ...... 110

Volume 6, No.1 2000: Link to this issue

Efficient Volume Rendering of 3D Medical Data on parallel Computers [Link]

Hong Xie ...... 6

Shape Capture, Analysis and Registration [Link]

Rosalind Sadleir ...... 12

An Animated Model of the Knee Joint [Link]

Michelle Davies and Christopher J. S. deSilva ...... 18

Segmenting the Breast Border and Nipple on Mammograms [Link]

Ramachandran Chandrasekhar and Yianni Attikiouzel ...... 24

Compression of Images of the Cornea and Retina for Telemedicine [Link]

Robert H Eikelboom, Kanagasingam Yogesan and Christopher J Barry ...... 30

Texture Classification based on Cooccurrence of Gray level Run Length Matrices [Link]

Fritz Albregtsen and Brigitte Nielsen ...... 38

Quantitative Description of Spatially Homogeneous Textures by CharacteristicGrey Level Co-Occurrences [Link]

Georgy Gimel'farb ...... 46

Volume 5, No.4 1998: Link to this issue

Wavelet-Based Energy Binning Cepstral Features For Automatic Speech Recognition [Link]

Sankar Basu and Stéphane H. Maes ...... 239

Markov Random Field Modeling for Speech Recognition [Link]

Guillaume Gravier, Marc Sigelle and Gérard Chollet ...... 245

Probabilistic Modeling with Bayesian Networks for Automatic Speech Recognition [Link]

Geoffrey Zweig and Stuart Russell ...... 253

The Integration and Training of Arbitrary-Order HMMS [Link]

J.A. du Preez and D.M. Weber ...... 261

Use of High-Level Linguistic Constraints for Constructing Feature-Based Phonological Model in SpeechRecognition [Link]

Jiping Sun and Li Deng ...... 269

Improvements in Neural-Network Training and Search Techniques for Continuous Digit Recognition [Link]

John-Paul Hosom, Ronald A. Cole and Piero Cosi ...... 277

Applying Modular Neural Networks to Speech Recognition: A Decomposition by Phone [Link]

Ednaldo B. Pizzolato and T. Jeff Reynolds ...... 285

Fuzzy Gaussian Mixture Models for Speaker Recognition [Link]

Dat Tran and Michael Wagner ...... 293

Volume 5, No.3 1998: Link to this issue


Evolving Fuzzy Neural Networks: Theory and Applications for On-line Adaptive Prediction, Decision Makingand Control [Link]

Nikola Kasabov ...... 154

Self-Organization in Networks of Spiking Neurons [Link]

Dorel M. Sala and Krzysztof J. Cios ...... 161

Neural Network Approach for Eigen-Decomposition of a Matrix [Link]

Ying Tan, Chao Deng and Zhen-Ya He ...... 171

Self-organising neural networks- their application to real-world problems [Link]

A.W.G Duller ...... 175

Applications of Self-Organising Maps to a Chemical Analysis [Link]

Heizo Tokutaka, Kikuo Jujimura, Kazuyuki Iwamoto, K. Obu-Cann, Satoru Kishida and kazuhiro Yoshihara ...... 181

Genetic Synthesis of a Neural Network for Rainfall and Temperature Estimations [Link]

John McCullagh, Belinda Choi and Kevin Bluff ...... 187

Neural Expert System for Loading of Overhead Lines [Link]

Michael Negnevitsky and Tan Loc Le ...... 194

Application of Fuzzy Neural Networks to Evaluate an AutomatedImage Registration System [Link]

Steven A. Israel ...... 200

Parallelization methods for Neural Networks on different environments: Advantages and Disadvantages [Link]

Alexandra I. Cristea and Toshio Okamoto ...... 208

Using Rough Sets to study expert behaviour in induction of labour [Link]

D.T. Parry, W.K. Yeap and N. Pattison ...... 219

Volume 5, No.2 1998: Link to this issue


Analyzing Fuzzy Risk Evaluation with Function Principle [Link]

Chih-Hsun Hsieh and Shan-Huo Chen ...... 72


Neural Network Approach for the Classification of Heart Disease Data [Link]

R. Jain and J. Mazumdar ...... 86

Recognition of Sign Language Gestures using Neural Networks [Link]

Peter Vamplew and Anthony Adams ...... 94

A Real-Time System for the Classification of Sheep Feeding Phases fromAcoustic Signals of Jaw Sounds [Link]

Anthony Zaknich and Sue K. Baker ...... 103


Suitability of Non-Parametric Stereo Matching Algorithms for Mining Automation [Link]

Jasmine Banks, Mohammed Bennamoun, Kurt Kubik and Peter Corke ...... 111

A New Linear Post-Filtering Technique to Reduce Transform CodingBlock-Edge Artifact at Low Bit Rates [Link]

S. Suthaharan and H.R. Wu ...... 120


A Software Package for 2-D Scattering Feature Extraction in Wide-BandStepped-Frequency Radar [Link]

Thuong Le-Tien and Thong Dinh Nguyen ...... 129

Volume 5, No.1 1998: Link to this issue


Support Vector Methods in Learning and Feature Extraction [Link]

Bernhard Schölkopf, Alex Smola, Klaus-Robert Müller and Chris Burges andVladimir Vapnik ...... 3

Static and Dynamic Modelling Of Materials Forging [Link]

Coryn Bailer-Jones, David MacKay, Tanya Sabin and Philip Withers ...... 10

Feedback Neural Network Implementation of Channel Packing [Link]

D. Tissainayagam, D. Everitt and M. Palaniswami ...... 18

The QAMC Project: A case study of neural networks for medicalrisk prediction [Link]

D.R. Lovell, B. Roaario, M. Niranjan, R. W. Prager, K. J. Dalton, R. Derom and J. Chalmers ...... 24

An Adaptive Learning Vector Quantisation Algorithm for ClusterAnalysis and Radar Pulse Train Deinterleaving [Link]

Stephen Elton ...... 29

A Self-Organizing Map for Extracting Features Of Chromosomes inMicroscopy Images [Link]

Phuong Thuc Anh Nguyen, Raniero Romagnoli, Pal Fekete, Matthew Arnison, Ling Guan and Carol Cogswell ...... 34

TDLeaf(λ): Combining Temporal Difference Learning with Game-Tree Search [Link]

Jonathan Baxter, Andrew Tridgell and Lex Weaver ...... 39

Catastrophic forgetting and 'pseudorehearsal' in linear networks [Link]

Marcus Frean and Anthony Robins ...... 44

New method for analyzing the synchornization of synaptic input andspike output in neural systems [Link]

A.N. Burkitt and G.M. Clark ...... 50

On the Effects of Crosstalk in a Superposition Of Synfire Chains [Link]

Chris Trengove ...... 55

Volume 4, No.3 1997: Link to this issue


What makes a good co-evolutionary learning environment? [Link]

Alan D. Blair and Jordan B. Pollack ...... 166

Negatively Correlated Neural Networks Can Produce Best Ensembles [Link]

Yong Liu and Xin Yao ...... 176

Does Parent Matching Work for Constrained Optimisation? [Link]

Robert Hinterding and Zbigniew Michalewicz ...... 186

Coevolutionary searching method by double-layered population with genetic information exchange [Link]

Hisashi Handa, Osamu Katai, Norio Baba and Tetsuo Sawaragi ...... 196

An Anytime Algorithm for Scheduling of Aircraft Landing Times Using Genetic Algorithms [Link]

Vic Ciesielski and Paul Scerri ...... 206

Comparative Studies on Encoding Methods of GA for Open Shop Scheduling [Link]

Yasuhiro Tsujimura, Mitsuo Gen, Runwei Cheng and Tomomichi Momota ...... 214

Spanning Tree-based Genetic Algorithm for Bicriteria Transportation problem with Fuzzy Coefficients [Link]

Yin-Zhen Li and Mitsuo Gen ...... 220

Emergent Collective Behaviours and Evolution in a Group Of Rational Agents [Link]

Akira Namatame ...... 230

Evolutionary Operators for Constrained Continuous Optimal Control and High Dimensional ConstrainedOptimisation Problems [Link]

S.F. Smith and R.J. Stonier ...... 240

Evolutionary Programming Based Modelling Scheme for Fuzzy Systems [Link]

B.L Wu and X.H Yu ...... 249

Terrain Traversal by Genetic Algorithms [Link]

J.C. Leeming and X. Yao ...... 258

Volume 4, No.2 1997: Link to this issue


A Framework for the Management of Uncertainty in Intelligent Robotic Systems [Link]

Micheal Pasquier ...... 83


Controller Development with a Rapid Prototyping Shell [Link]

Pushkar Piggott and Phillip J. McKerrow. ...... 102


Applying Neural Networks to Predict Corporate Failure in Australia [Link]

Xiaodan Wu and Andrew Flitman ...... 111

CORGI: A Robot to Play Fetch [Link]

Gordon Wyeth ...... 119

Learning of Sensory Motor Tasks by Autonomous Agent [Link]

Kurt Malmstrom, Lance Munday and joaquin Sitte ...... 129

A Nonlinear Correlator Detector for Doppler Shifted Chirp Signals [Link]

Anthony Zaknich ...... 142

Volume 4, No.1 1997: Link to this issue


ILSNCC: A PROSPECTOR-Like Uncertain Reasoning Model [Link]

Xudong Luo and Chengqi Zhang ...... 1

Overview of Noetica: A Knowledge Modelling Tool [Link]

Stewart Smith, Svetha Venkatesh and Dorota Kieronska ...... 12

Project Appraisal: A Method Based on Approximate Analogical Reasoning [Link]

Phillip N. Smith ...... 22


Evolving Hash Functions using Genetic Algorithms [Link]

Shane Richards and Gary Stafford ...... 37


A Single Processing Neuron for Estimating and Tracking Radar Pulse Train Parameters [Link]

Gregory P. Noone and Stephen D. Howard ...... 45

The Gabriel Network Algorithm: Self-Organising Feature Maps with Adaptive Neighbourhood Topology [Link]

Roberto Togneri ...... 52

Volume 3, No.4 1996: Link to this issue


Classification Using Genetically-Evolved Connections [Link]

John A. Fulcher ...... 1


New Skew Detection and Correction Algorithms [Link]

Ricky Shiu and Adnan Amin ...... 10

Modelling OTHR Tracks for Association and Fusion [Link]

M. Mohandes, R.E. Bogner, A. Cameron, G. Habermann and A. Bouzerdoum ...... 16


Self Organising Continuous Map: An Extension to Kohonen's Network With Application to FunctionApproximation and Control [Link]

Paul Hannah, Russel Stonier and Stephen Smith ...... 28


Bayesian Detection of Chirp [Link]

Christopher J.S. deSilva ...... 33


Navigating the Virtual Library: A Three-dimensional Browsing Interface for Information Retrieval [Link]

William J. Rogers, Sally Jo Cunningham and Geoffrey Holmes ...... 43

Volume 3, No.3 1996: Link to this issue


A Monogate Network for Classifying Chess Positions [Link]

George W. Atkinson ...... 1

Phoneme Recognition in Fluent Speech using Time-Delay and Fully Interconnected Neural Networks: AComparison [Link]

David B. Grayden and Michael S. Scordilis ...... 5

Target Identification using Neural Nets and C4.5 [Link]

Arthur Filippidis ...... 9

Using Neural Networks to Analyse Software Complexity [Link]

Simon Field Neil Davey and Ray Frank ...... 14


Robust Controllers with Fuzzy Tuning [Link]

Quang P. Ha and M. Negnevitsky ...... 33

A Progressive Fuzzy Clustering Approach for the Detection of Linear Boundary and Comers [Link]

P.T. Im, W.S Lee and M. Wingate ...... 42


Detection of Anomalies of Hybrid Rule/Frame-based Expert Systems using Coloured Petri Nets [Link]

Simon C.K. Shiu, James N.K. Liu and Daniel S. Yeung ...... 60

Volume 3, No.2 1996: Link to this issue

Indicators of Hidden Neuron Functionality: the Weight Matrix Versus Neuron Behaviour [Link]

T.D. Gedeon ...... 1

Evaluating the Performance of Artificial Neural Networks Trained by Structural [Link]

R. Kozma, A. Malinowski, J.M. Zurada and M. Kitamura ...... 10

Optimisation of Neural Network Parameters Using Genetic Algorithms [Link]

B. Choi and K. Bluff ...... 16

The Match Tracking Anomaly and its Minimisation in the Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Network [Link]

G. Bartfai ...... 25

Neuro-Fuzzy Engineering for Spatial Information Processing [Link]

N.K. Kasabov, M.K. Purvis, F. Zhang and G.L Benwell ...... 34

An Autonomous Robot Controller with Learned Behaviour [Link]

R.L Smith and G.G. Coghill ...... 44

Learning to Play the Game of Go-Moku: A Neural Network Approach [Link]

B. Freisleben and H. Luttermann ...... 52

Improved Learning Strategies for Multimodular Fuzzy Neural Network Systems: A Case Study on ImageClassification [Link]

S.A. Israel and N.K. Kasabov ...... 61

Application Of Artificial Neural Networks in Process Modelling and Control [Link]

V. Karla and H. Bakker ...... 70

Volume 3, No.1 1996: Link to this issue


Semi-Automated Knowledge Enhancement (SAKE) for Rule-Based Systems [Link]

G. m Rosenwald, C. Liu, B. Wang, S. Muchlinski and D.J. Sobajic. ...... 4

Adaptive Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning of Sequences: Application to Power Distribution [Link]

S.A. Shahrestani, J. Ypsilantis and H. Yee ...... 14

Towards Systematic Approximate Reasoning Methods in Power System Equipment Condition Monitoring andReliability Analysis [Link]

K. Tomsovic and B Baer ...... 23


Fuzzy Logic Excitation and Speed Governing Control Systems for Stability Enhancement of Power Systems [Link]

T. Hiyama and Y Ueki. ...... 32

Fuzzy Controller for Automatic Train Operations [Link]

C.S. Chang and S.S. Sim. ...... 39


Fault Diagnosis Using Neural Networks in HVDC Systems [Link]

V.K. Sood, H.S. Chandrasekharaiah and L.L.Lai ...... 46

Fast Contingency Ranking Using Artificial Neural Networks [Link]

K.L. Lo, L.J. Peng, J.F. MacQueen, A.O. Ekwue and D.T.Y. Cheng. ...... 57

Fast Prediction of System Voltage Instability Using Artificial Neural Networks [Link]

D. Sutanto, Y.L. Zhu, W.R. Lachs and I.F. Morrison ...... 67

An Artificial Neural Network Approach to Transient Stability Assessment [Link]

LB. Sing and W.K. Po ...... 75


A Novel Application of Evolutionary Programming to Generator Parameter Estimation in a Multi-MachineSystem [Link]

L.L. Lai and J.T. Ma ...... 86

Multiple Stage Genetic Operation Applied to Generator Maintenance Scheduling [Link]

K. Nara and H. Kim ...... 94

Volume 2, No.4 1995: Link to this issue


Fuzzy Controller Design from a Practitioner's Point of View: The Review of Methodologies [Link]

L. Reznik and A. Little. ...... 1

Neural Networks for Image Coding: A Review [Link]

L. L. H. Andrew and M. Palaniswami. ...... 10

An Enhanced Neural Adaptive Control Scheme for Discrete-Time non-Affine Nonlinear Systems [Link]

S. K. Mazumdar and C. C. Lim ...... 20

Artificial Neural Networks for Artery Tracking in Coronary Angiograms [Link]

H. Hanna and D. Campbell ...... 28


Solving the Quantification Problem in Animation Generation [Link]

L. Ruqian, Z. Songmao, S. Haihu and Y. Lixin ...... 35


Fuzzy Correspondence and Extension of Relations [Link]

L. González and A. Marín ...... 46


Interactive Evolution of Mathematical Functions [Link]

J. Graf ...... 56

Volume 2, No.3 1995: Link to this issue


Olfactory Imaging: An Electronic Nose Using Tiered Artificial Neural Networks and Quartz PiezoelectricGas Sensors [Link]

B. W. Saunders, D. V. Thiel and A. Mackay-Sim ...... 1

Application of the Modified Probabilistic Neural Network to the Enhancement of Noisy Short Wave RadioTime and Morse Code Signals [Link]

A. Zaknich and Y. Attikiouzel ...... 9


Automated Knowledge Acquisition for Diagnosis [Link]

S. Sestito and S. Goss ...... 15

Dynamic Transitive Closure Algorithms [Link]

J. Shao ...... 25

Constructing Hierarchical Abstractions for Qualitative Representations of Space and Time [Link]

H. H. Bui, S. Venkatesh and D. Kieronska ...... 36


Fuzzy Motion Estimation [Link]

A. Z. Kouzani, A. Bouzerdoum and M. J. Liebelt ...... 46

Analysis and Design of Complex Control Systems - Heterogenous Model Methods [Link]

S. G. Cao, N. W. Rees, G. Feng. and C. M. Cheng ...... 56


Supervised Learning for Self-Generating Neural Networks [Link]

W. X. wen and H. Liu ...... 64

Morphological Restoration of Sparse Colour and Grey Scale Images [Link]

A. L. Harvey and H. A. Cohen ...... 72

Volume 2, No.2 1995: Link to this issue


Time Series Characterisation Schemes for the Modified Probabilistic Neural Network [Link]

A. Zaknich and Y. Attikiouzel ...... 1

Supervised Learning for Self-Generating Neural [Link]

W. X. wen and H. Liu ...... 12


Changing Information States in Intelligent Information Systems [Link]

M-A. Williams ...... 20

On Propositional Knowledge Base Updates [Link]

Y. Zhang ...... 28


Fuzzy Controller Design from a Practitioner's Point of View - Membership [Link]

L. Reznik and J. Shi. ...... 38


Speaker Identification with Concomitant Open and Closed Decision Boundaries [Link]

P. Castellano and S. Sridharan ...... 47

Morphological Reconstruction of Sparse Colour and Grey Scale Images [Link]

A. L. Harvey ...... 54

Volume 2, No.1 1995: Link to this issue


Translation Invariant Pattern Recognition: A Real-time Artificial NeuralNetwork Architecture Based on Biological Visual Spatial Attention [Link]

P. Lozo, C. C. Lim and D. Nandagopal ...... 1


An Experimental Knowledge Base of Simple Groups [Link]

G. Butler and S.S. Iyer ...... 11

A Formal Description Technique for Verifying Redundancy andSubsumption in Expert Systems [Link]

J. Liu ...... 24


Parallelising Genetic Algorithms for SIMD Architecture [Link]

D. Ghazfan and B. Srinivasan ...... 36


Psychovisual Image Coding Using Wavelet Transform [Link]

D. Gunawan and T. Nguyen ...... 45


Artificial Intelligence in Network Management [Link]

J. A. Smith and M. Fry ...... 53

Volume 1, No.2 1994: Link to this issue


On Two Methods of Accelerating Learning in Feedforward Networks [Link]

R.J. Gaynier and T. Downs ...... 1

Efficient Multichannel Image Recognition Using Feedforward Multiresolution Neural Networks [Link]

D. Kalogeras and S. Kollias ...... 8

A Back-Propagation Adaptation Yielding a Ternary Output ANN with Limited Integer Weights [Link]

G.R. Curkowicz and M.R. Haskard ...... 16


A Comprehensive Synthesis Strategy for Conflict Resolutions in Distributed Expert Systems [Link]

M. Zhang and C. Zhang ...... 21

Family Law, Natural Language Understanding and Al [Link]

W.K. Yeap. ...... 29


An Introduction to Evolutionary Computation [Link]

D.B. Fogel ...... 34


A Modified Lagrange's Interpolation for Image Reconstruction [Link]

S. Suthaharan ...... 43

Volume 1, No.1 1994: Link to this issue


Decision making and fuzzy set theory: Combining aggregated fuzzy sets toobtain integrated comprehensive indices [Link]

Ximing Sun, D.A. Thomas and P. W. Eklund ...... 1

Self-tuning Fuzzy Interface based on Spline-membership Function [Link]

K Shimojima, T. Fukuda and F. Arai ...... 9


Fast and Efficient Learning Algorithms for Feed-forward Neural Networks [Link]

N.B. Karayiannis and A.N. Venetsanopoulos ...... 17

Using a priori Knowledge to Prestructure ANNs [Link]

G. G. Lendaris and K. Mathia ...... 25


Convex Predicates and Induction [Link]

N. Y.Foo ...... 31

Generalised Gradients Versus Image Interpolation: A critical evaluation of two schemes for measurementof Image motion [Link]

M.V. Srinivasan ...... 41


Development of Parallel Genetic Algorithms [Link]

K.P. Wong and Y. W. Wong ...... 51


Maximum Entropy Estimation Applied to Breast Cancer Prognosis [Link]

C.I. S. deSilva and Poh Lian Choong ...... 58